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Shuttlecock and Badminton Racket

Brentwood Feathers Badminton Club


About Us

The Brentwood Feathers Badminton Club will start its thirteenth season in September 2023, although its predecessor clubs in Brentwood have been playing for many decades. We are a friendly but competitive club and all our members play to a fairly high standard. In the 2023/24 winter season, we have 3 teams in the Chelmsford and District League and 2 in the Brentwood League. As the club’s name suggests, we play with feather shuttles.

Badmington Player
Interested in joining?

You are very welcome here as a visitor and we hope you enjoy your evening. If you are coming please do contact us by email or phone beforehand in case club night is not on due to an event. 

We are always looking for good players to join our club and would like to make you aware of the following important club information.


A visitor’s fee of £10 is payable for the evening; it is £5 for juniors. 


Our club rules state that you can only play as a visitor on 3 separate evenings, after which you can apply to become a member of our club.

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